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Kenbras Quality Brands Ltd designs highly professional websites and fully customized to meet your objective. Our websites are not just websites, but functional websites that sell. Example of websites are like; corporate websites, company & business websites', finance and credit websites, institutional websites, eCommerce websites, business websites, church websites, online portal websites and NGOs & organizational websites.

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Our Clients

When you become our client, we offer you a free professional consultancy in all your IT work. We hold your hand with a corporate customer service beyond websites.

Our Services

We exist to offer information technology solutions that builds a competitive business online presence.

Pro Website Design

Kenbras is an experienced premium web designers, providing pro web applications, designs & development services. Our cost-effective solutions are built specifically for organizations, businesses, industries and institutions. We offer rich, user friendly, mobile responsive and robust websites integrated with modern technology features. Our websites are both static and dynamic depending on our client's need.

Corporate graphics design

We offer exceptional elegance graphic designs, professional and creative designs. Our designs are unique and catchy designed using modern tools like Adobe CC. These include company profiles, magazines, corporate logos, banners, stickers, brochures, notebooks and billboards.

Android application development

Our team of experienced mobile apps developers and designers can build an app that will live up to your vision enabling you to leverage mobility to maximize productivity. Kenbras is developing business critical solutions for mobile devices for Android phones, giving you and your team more flexibility when you are moving. Our team is experienced in developing mobile application using android studio, eclipse and other java environments.

Training staffs on tech skills

We offer soft tech skills training to staffs in organizations to ensure competency and efficiency in their business operations. Our staffs are certified and competent to guide on the best practice in any industry as far as computer technology is concerned. This includes, cyber threats & attacks, emails handling, software, basic hardware maintenance, windows operating system & troubleshooting, printing, data security, websites, social media and online safety.

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Message from the Technical Director

Welcome to Kenbras Quality Brands Ltd !
With the advancement in innovations in the world market place, investments and entrepreneurship has become a dire dependent on technology. Every business wants to tilt its pivot of offering quicker, strategically, more conveniently to its customers and faster than its competitors. This has demanded a strategic approach or entire turnaround of businesses. Computer technology is one of the key tools that has tremendously emerged businesses to realize their hard developed visions and missions within a blink of an eye, by utilizing evaluated and competent professionals in the computer technology departments.

We make it happen for you! We design websites that are hosted in reliable host providers, with sufficient capacities not less than 30GB, including emails, DNS, SEO, domain setups, CDN network and other cPanel setups. Every website passes through the hands of our technical director who evaluates and approves that the websites suffice the threshold of standard quality that Kenbras has to offer. The hosting packaging includes security tools for the entire data including the emails and files, and both front-end and backend encryptions.

Our graphic designers are equiped with sufficient tools to develop creative graphics designs, elegant, professional, unique and catchy ones. These tools include latest Adobe CC products and Microsoft applications. Our computers hardware are latest generations, providing high speed perfomance, high processing, high resolutions and catchy graphic designs to make sure our customers get the highest refined service. We know we have achieved perfection in design not when there is nothing left to add, but when there is nothing left to take away.

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